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855Casino Malaysia is one of the top online gaming casinos with some of the top land-based casinos as well as the online platform in Indonesia and Malaysia. The 855Casino Malaysia has set itself from others by offering top 855Casino live games and serving as a sportsbook. In addition, the 855Casino Malaysia provides enthralling land base casinos in conjunction with its other branches, 855Crown Bavet and 855Crown Poipet Casinos. Their focus on making the live casinos more entertaining has elevated the 855Casino Live Casino Games above the peers.

The 855Casino Malaysia interface

One of the unique things that make the 855Casino Malaysia stand out is its interface. The design was targeted at giving bettors a panoramic view on the screen to maximize fun whether betting from home or away. Once you have downloaded and properly installed the app on your phone, the interface is carefully landscaped to give you the best view.

On the top most section, the main bar gives access to Home, Poker, Live Casino, Sportsbook, and slots. It also provides additional features including the promotions, mobile downloads, and 4D options.

The interface was carefully thought about to ensure that bettors can easily pull out the best slots or follow latest promotions. On the screen, the latest bonuses keep flashing to notify the user to take advantage of them. At the middle of the screen, an additional bar features permanently telling the user of the jackpot size.

With just a few clicks, a player can be sure of getting to the anticipated point. Well, even new users find the interface easy to understand and use.

The operational software supporting the casino

The main reason why 855Casino Malaysia stands out is its supporting software. Though it is kept as one of the main secrets, the software was carefully designed by borrowing strongest points from other successful casinos. The operational software remains distinctive in the following ways;

  • Top notch casino security:From the design to operations, the casino software designer wanted the system to be a security fort. Every component in the casino is supported by layers of encryption to make hacking near impossible.
  • Easier management of clients’ profiles: In their objective, the 855Casino Malaysia management targeted creating a user-friendly system that every player could rely on to get utmost pleasure. The software helps users to create profiles and manage them easily. You can deposit cash, check on account’s deposits, pull out a balance report, and place bets.
  • Compatibility with most phones:Unlike other sportsbooks, the 855Casino Malaysia and Indonesia ensured that its software is compatible with the highest number of handsets. Whether you are running on Android or Apple smartphone, the casino will work perfectly well for all offered bets.
  • Progressive updates over time:Having good software is not enough! 855Casino Malaysia went a step ahead to ensure that clients can have a reliable system for their online betting. The casino management progressively works on updates to ensure that the software operates optimally.

855Casino Live Casino Games

In an industry that has seen giants take numerous strides to bring clients the best services, 855Casino Malaysia has created a wider array of games to accommodate everyone.

  • The casino odds

The 855Casino Malaysia has one of the largest collections of games in the betting niche. Once you have signed into the casino, you have access to top best odds that are 20% better compared to what competitors offer. Some of these top games include Silver Bullet, Dolphin Reef, Captain's Treasure, Fong Shen, Monkey Thunderbolt, Golden Tour, Thai Paradise, Spartan, Cherry Love, Horse Derby, Bola Tangkas, Three Kingdoms, Great Blue, and Highway Kings.

To make the process more enjoyable for all, newbies can take tutorials to familiarize themselves with the process, systems, and betting rules. Besides, the support is always ready to help you understand every component or address issues that may arise with the account.

  • The sportsbook

The sportsbook has emerged as a great option for most people because they do not have to bet in real time a wager can place bets weeks to the event and wait for the event to take place. The sportsbook option allows the user to identify with the sport of choice and get unique thrill as a bet races to win. A wager can place bets on top sports including horse racing, soccer, basketball, netball, and other top games in the Europe, The US and Asia.

The 855casino support services

For years, the nature of customer support has become a defining factor for products and services offered by any company. The nature of support is even more important when it comes to online casinos because clients bet from any place as far as they can access the internet on their phones.

855casino has invested heavily in customer support and operates on the premise of ensuring the client always come's first. Their customer support platforms include;

  • Direct calls on their telephone lines
  • Online customer chatting services
  • Company email services
  • Messenger services

Having decided to be their clients, 855casino insists that you should not incur additional costs to have an issue resolved. By simply hitting the live chat on the top of the website, a professional support staff will pop and address all issues.

For new clients who want to join this great betting site, the best place to start is signing for a demo account. This account provides you with the actual interface to allow you familiarize with every component, interact with the system, check on available odds, and various sports before starting to bet with cash. Though the demo account has a lot of limitations, you will learn all the required skills to bet like a pro.


855Casino Malaysia has demonstrated its zeal to create a reliable platform that wagers can rely on for the best betting moment. The casino's online platform that also serves as a sportsbook has extended the options for bettors to get connected with the casino and their games. When all of these are offered in a secure platform, gaming enthusiasts can rest assured of high value for money and a great experience.