iSky888 Live Casino Games

iSky888 is widely perceived as one of Asia’s best, most entertaining slots games providers. This slots games company received this label by ensuring its games are all focused on the needs of the Asian gaming market. The games iSky888 offers has an Asian undertone, which quickly finds favour with players from Malaysia, Indonesia and many other Eastern countries.

The good news is that the company also offers many other types of online games apart from slots. iSky888 live casino games as well as many other games are now available. The company taps into the benefits of modern technology to make all these games easily accessible to anyone in Asia. With its focus on providing the ultimate online gaming experience, it’s no wonder iSky888 is rated so high in Asia.

Asian approach

Players from Asian countries appreciate iSky888’s unique approach which is moulded according to users’ preferences. A terrific example is the way in which games are offered in Eastern languages as well as English. This makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the games.

Wide range of gaming

You won’t get bored when iSky888 becomes your default online gaming provider. You’re guaranteed an exciting time every time you log on, thanks to the variety of games available.


Players from Malaysia and Indonesia love the range of slots available on the iSky888 platform. This includes all time favorites such as Monkey Thunderbolt. This is a perfect example of iSky888’s Asian oriented approach. Monkey Thunderbolt is based on an old Chinese legend. The legend’s popularity means most players can recognize the theme. It adds some historical and personal value to your online gaming.

Live Casino Games

Slots are the most played casino games the world over, but for some individuals there’s no better option than live casino games. These games on an online platform recreate some aspects of land based casinos. On iSky888 you can take part in many games such as Roulette.

Table games

Table games form another part of iSky888’s amazing game options. You can enjoy unique versions of the following games on the same platform you use for slots:

  • Pocker
  • Black Jack
  • Baccarat


iSky888 takes one more step towards offering players the ultimate gaming experience. Realizing the popularity among Eastern players of racing games, the iSky888 team added these games as an additional option. You can enjoy various racing and running light games when you’re looking for an activity to get your adrenaline flowing.

It’s never too late to expand your online gaming experience. There are many exciting games and platforms available. ISky888 is an ideal option to try out, thanks to its variety. If you already enjoy the following online games, you’re sure to welcome iSky888 into your gaming world:

  • Wild Luck Casino for Viber
  • Magic Mobile Slots
  • Monopoly Slots

Mobile options

iSky888’s games can now be enjoyed on your mobile devices. Imagine playing on your Smartphone while waiting in line at the store. Since September 2015 this is made possible via the iSky888 app. You simply need to download the application to continue playing even when you’re not at home.

You can be sure this mobile version is just as popular as the original version. The proof of its popularity is reflected in Google Play users who repeatedly give it a five star rating.

Take note that the application is for Android users specifically and other Smartphones won’t necessarily be able to use the software. If you do have an Android operating system, make sure you have version 2.3 or newer.

This application is remarkably small in size, so it should fit on any Smartphone’s internal memory. You should regularly check for app updates, since the functionality of an application is dependent on the version you work with. You can enjoy slots games, check up on results or start a new card game wherever you are.


During gaming you need to be certain of your assets’ safety. The platforms where you can enjoy iSky888’s games make sure players’ information and funds are kept safe. This is monitored by being regulated and audited. These processes check up on security measures so no hacking or irregularities can occur. The platforms are licensed in the Philippines and regulated by CEZA & First Cayagan. This should put every player’s mind at rest.

With online fraud rampant, players may wonder at the safety of playing games on computers and mobile devices. Fears about viruses, scams and software problems are valid, since it’s a possible threat in the virtual world.

Luckily players of iSky888 games can put fears aside. The software of the mobile application is vouched for by DownloadAtoZ and it’s even checked regularly. You can see when the last scan was done and whether any viruses or irregularities were picked up. To ensure a safe download of the mobile application though, you need to acquire it from a trusted vendor.


In Asia you can use any of the following banks to make deposits or withdraw your winnings:

  • Maybank
  • CIMB
  • Public Bank
  • RHB
The gaming platforms aim to keep withdrawal timelines to maximum 30 minutes. These times are always dependant on bank procedures, so avail yourself of your bank’s requirements to plan your withdrawals.


Even though iSky888’s games are highly acclaimed, it doesn’t mean they are problem free. Players may need assistance to troubleshoot a certain game or sort out problems with deposits and withdrawals. A support team is available 24/7 so players can quickly find resolutions to their problems.

ISky888 has provided many happy gaming hours to players in Malaysia, Indonesia and many other Asian countries. With over 50 games available, there is a game for everyone, no matter your preferences. Thanks to the range of security guidelines in place, every person trying out iSky888 for the first time can enjoy the games without any concerns. iSky888 has been the default games provider for many Asians. Make sure you’re one of the happy customers, so you don’t miss out on hours of fun.