Monkey Thunderbolt Online Slots Games

You probably have your list of favorite online casino games that you always play. You enjoy the rush of excitement whenever you place your bets and you know how to play these games to get the most winnings out of them.

It may serve you well to attempt some new games so your online gaming stays interesting. You never know what bonuses you could be missing out on. A new type of game or a different way of betting may at first seem daunting and risky. However, there’s a reason why many games shoot to the top of the most played lists on sites such as SBOBET.

Online players from Malaysia, Indonesia and many other Asian countries know of SBOBET’s many different types of games. In each gaming department an array of games await your attention. You simply need to pluck up the courage, take a new outlook on life and try out a brand new type of game.

Slots Games

One of the most popular gaming types is slots games. In America, up to 70 percent of casinos’ income are generated through slots games. This is proof of the joy you’ll find when trying out this type of gaming.

Online slots games are as exciting as the ones played in land based casinos. This is thanks to the evolution of technology that offer you the same—if not better—security, variety and experiences. You simply have to place your bet, push a button and wait for the reels to align. Depending on how they come to a standstill, your winnings will be paid out.

There are many different types of slots games, and technology allows you to partake in unique variations of online gaming sites. In Asian countries such as Indonesia, there’s an interesting variation on the slots games, called Monkey Thunderbolt.

Monkey Thunderbolt

Monkey Thunderbolt has the added benefit of linking players with an interesting historical legend. This gives the game some additional flair and players love the feeling of being part of some Chinese history. This, along with the experience of winning when a monkey acts according to your betting intuition, makes Monkey Thunderbolt a favorite of many players in Malaysia.

How the game evolved

Chinese legends mention competing monkeys that climbed to the top of the world. These competing monkeys were picked from the tenth sons in each monkey generation and the race only happened once every 100 years.

This climb needed to be completed within a minute and the winner would then have the privilege of ruling the world for the next century. This served as motivation for each monkey to do everything in its power to reach the top of the world first. You can imagine the speed necessary to achieve this feat and therefore these monkeys were called Thunderbolt Kings.

The object of the game

In the online gaming version of this legendary story, you can bet on a certain monkey’s ability to reach the top of the climb before the others. Your Monkey Thunderbolt slots game involves monkeys moving upwards across the screen to reach the top of the world. The game follows realism by placing challenges in the monkeys’ paths. Birds fly by to make the monkeys fall and they encounter obstacles such as barbed wire.

Your role in the games is to bet on which monkey will reach the top first, or who will finish in the lower rankings. Each game starts with you deciding where to risk your resources. You’ll then see how the monkeys race to the top, after which winnings will be calculated. Each game takes about two minutes.

Features to look out for


The Monkey Thunderbolt slots game is designed to offer players many bonus options. This makes the game even more interesting, because you should keep these options in mind before simply placing your bet on the monkey you think will win. There are many ways of obtaining these bonuses, so the game does take some skill.

Graphics and sound

The game has well designed graphics as background, animations when you win and for the moving monkeys. This affords you some gripping viewing pleasure while you wait to see what the outcome of the game will be. The designers also added upbeat music, with an increased tempo during the last part of each race, so players have an experience which entices all the senses.

Tips to help you win

Slots games are mostly won by luck, but there are skills you can use to guarantee some winnings:

  • Continuous bets are needed to walk away with substantial winnings. You may need to bet a total of 15 games in order to have an adequate return on investment. You have to keep playing!
  • Being observant will help you win. Though algorithms can be adjusted daily, you may pick up on trends, such as certain combinations that recur in the top positions.

Where can you play Monkey Thunderbolt?

Monkey Thunderbolt is famous amongst online players in Malaysia, Indonesia and the rest of Asia on sites such as SBOBET. You don’t have to stay behind your computer to enjoy the excitement of the game. Monkey Thunderbolt can be played on Smartphones as well, so you can take your new source of winnings and entertainment wherever you go.

Why should you try out this slots game?

There are many benefits to playing Monkey Thunderbolt. Thanks to it being an online gaming experience, you’ll discover even more sources of fun than when stationed in a land based casino:

  • There’s no limit to how many people can play this slots game. You and your friends can all join in, or connect with other players online.
  • Due to the betting setup, there can be multiple winners during one single game.

Monkey Thunderbolt is an exciting and entertaining online slots game. Its popularity among players from Malaysia and Indonesia is well known. It may be time for you to become a fan as well, because it may be the most profitable risk you take today.