Citibet Review

For horse racing enthusiasts, there is nothing as enjoyable as seeing your bet race to the finishing line and winning a lot of cash. Now, Citibet has moved a step ahead by making it possible to bet on live sports. You do not have to stick to the bet picked before the horse racing began; consider trading it. A winning bet can earn you more while a losing bet can be traded to reduce the losses.

Citibet is one of the leading Asian horse betting exchanges that keep diversifying its products to guarantee users of greater betting satisfaction. In this post, we take a closer review of Citibet to establish the effectiveness of the interface, major products, support services, and pros & cons.

Betting interface and online casino access

To start betting on Citibet, the first step is visiting their website and creating an appropriate account. Then, you have to add more profile information such as bank details and preferred deposit and withdrawal options. Because the casino does not have a specific app, you can only bet on the main browser. This is considered advantageous because you do not need to download anything to start betting. Besides, you do not have to worry about security because Citibet always updates the interface before you can access it. However, using third party browsers leaves players at a greater risk of cyber-attacks.

The user interface is easy, direct, and enjoyable to use. The user interface is carefully designed to reduce cluttering and leave a bigger space for betting. First, you have to select between the HK mode and SG mode. The HK mode is based on your ticket value while the SG mode is premised on the number of ticket times multiplied by price.

The interface allows you to access most of the betting account features including the sports markets, available odds, and recent activities. The bigger part of the screen is dedicated to live sports events that help bettors to follow every activity. This is the main selling point of Citibet compared to other online casinos.

Multiple and live-betting at Citibet

  • Live betting
Most wagering enthusiasts have a special attachment to their preferred sports. In horseracing, this attachment is even stronger and keeps every bettor coming back for more. The biggest section of the user interface is dedicated to showing live events for wagers to make the right decisions. To make betting even more enjoyable, Citibet provides a progressive review of every game. Within minutes, you can tell the rate of success for a specific jockey and horses. This will help you raise the chances of placing a winning bet.

For most people, seeing a bet race to the finishing line is no enough. There is a better way to cash more from it. You do not have to wait until the race is over; trade the bet to earn a bigger dividend. To make every wager enjoy using the platform, even those who picked a losing bet have a way of redeeming them. Instead of waiting for the bet when it is apparent that it is about to lose, why not trade it for less to minimize the loss?

  • Multi-betting
Citibet is built on the premise that every wager should have maximum satisfaction when betting on its interface. After following a specific horse or jockey and have no doubt that the performance will be great, the best decision is placing a bet and waiting to win. For example, if a jockey riding a specific horse has won all the past ten races, many bettors will check the next couple of games and place their bets on such a winner. By allowing wagers to place multiple bets, it is easy to turn over the deposits and wins faster to hit the recommended targets.

Citibet customer support

Citibet has invested a lot in customer support. They have established multiple communication channels that help players get the support they want anytime of the day or night. You can reach them by making direct calls to the numbers provided on the contact us page of their website.

However, more people prefer to contact the support through the live chat (Weechat) that helps to grow a greater connection with the organization. Whether you are stuck, do not know how to navigate through the betting platform, or want an issue in the wagering account resolved, consider using the live chat. You can also use the Whatsapp platform.

Pros of using Citibet

  • Because Citibet concentrates more on horseracing, it is ideal for people who do not have interest in other types of betting.
  • Bettors are allowed to make live bets that raise the chances of winning on every game.
  • The games on Citibet are more engaging for betting enthusiasts.
  • Unlike other online casinos, Citibet can be used to get tickets to live racing competitions.
  • They have a lot of racing competitions from all over the world that helps to make the sport more engaging and enjoyable.
  • They have multiple channels of communication and resolve all issues fast and professionally.
  • The casino has a very low turnover requirement for its bettors.

Cons of using Citibet

  • The online casino only has very limited games. Players are restricted to racing competitions especially for horses and dogs.
  • The online casino does not have a mobile app. Users can only bet on the main browsers that raise the risk of cybercrime.

Final verdict

Citibet has emerged as a great platform that bettors can rely on for great wagering experience. From its interface to the products diversity, the online casino has demonstrated it holds huge potential in the fast growing wagering market. This commitment to progressive improvement has made every bettor keep coming back for more.

Though operating as a sportsbook only has helped the Casino to perfect its products, many wagers who prefer switching between sports betting and slot games are forced to look elsewhere. Despite these setbacks, this is one of the greatest online betting casinos that players who cherish sports booking should consider joining.