GG Fishing World Review

If you’re in search of an interesting game that will capture your attention through its graphics as well as its features, GG Gaming’s Fishing World may be the one for you. This is an original concept that never gets boring, no matter how many times you’ve attempted it. This GG Fishing World review will tell you exactly why it’s the game you should try out next.

Object of the game

GG Fishing World is an ocean themed shooting game. Players aim to hit fish in order to score points. Shooting takes place with guns that are situated in a specific position near the edge of the screen. During each turn many fish swim past the gun and players have to point the gun in the right direction to hit fish.

GG Gaming Graphics

GG Gaming really put effort into creating the graphics for Fishing World. The game’s beautiful background features an under water setting that’s quite realistic. The quality of these graphics draws players to the game, as it represents the quality play available as well as the mysteries of the sea.

The fish are similarly designed in high quality graphics. Players can easily see which fish is swimming by and the game gives the illusion of depth by layering fish & surroundings one on top of the other. It feels quite real, so players will be captivated throughout the game.

Variety of features

The game will stay interesting for a long time, thanks to GG Gaming adding a lot of different options players can pick from. This means each game you play is different from the previous one. You can also practise, improve your skill and in this way make sure you score more & more points with each round.


The game offers you a variety of shooting mechanisms. Different laser guns offer a variety of features. You can determine which one is your favorite and become an expert, or challenge yourself by using the ones you’re less familiar with.


The game starts off by asking you to pick a level. GG Gaming calls the levels rooms and you’ll be seen as a certain type of player. You can be:

  • Steady Player in Beginner room
  • Confidence Player in Superior room
  • Killer Player in Emperor room
Each room’s difficulty level is determined by factors such as the points you can score, the type of fish available and much more.


Your main aim is to hit swimming fish. The fish in this game are beautifully designed, but realize that it’s unfortunately them you need to kill. You score points by killing a fish. Each fish has a different amount of points attached to it. They differ in size as well, so the designers managed to keep the experience quite realistic. The types of fish include:

  • Sharks
  • Dolphins
  • Hammer heads
  • Turtles
  • Batfish
  • Various small fish and other sea creatures
Apart from the fish, your score will also increase if you can hit the treasure chest that moves past once in a while. You can’t have an adventure under the water without coming across some pirate’s treasure!

Take aim

Your power lies in the laser guns you operate. You need to turn them in the right direction to hit a specific fish. Depending on your gaming set up there may be one or more guns available. You can try to simply hit as many fish as possible, or become an expert and focus on hitting the fish that are worth the most, such as the dolphins & batfish.

There’s an aiming tool which shows you when a fish is lined up with your shot. This is helpful, but in the heat of the game it’s much easier to keep your eye on the fish themselves than on your dashboard.

Fish differ in size and each fish requires a unique amount of shots to be killed. When you’ve hit a fish the adequate amount of times it will disappear and the coins associated with that fish will be added to your score.

Available platforms

This game has been developed for many different platforms. It may have started out on arcade game floors, but you can now play it online or even on your mobile devices. Its captivating gameplay is the ideal activity to keep you busy while you’re on the bus or train. The game was first developed for Android users, but now an iOS version is also available.

Alternatively, allow Fishing World to enhance your experience when you access certain online gaming and casino sites. Seeing how your score increases with each game affords you the same adrenaline rush as many slots and table games. The practical aspect of focusing on the screen and developing your aiming skills can be the ideal way of creating a new spark in online gaming.

Age appropriate

The theme of this game is quite universal and it stretches across many age gaps. Children who enjoy shooting games will be enthralled by Fishing World’s graphics and some of the fish are actually quite cute. The visuals aren’t upsetting, as fish only disappear. The game doesn’t show fish getting hurt by the shots.

On the other hand, the realism of the graphics and the skill necessary to acquire high scores are ideal features for adult gamers. Everyone in the family can enjoy this well designed shooting game. There aren’t any options of placing bets. If bets and gambling games are your preferred style of online gambling, this game may not grip your attention.

GG Gaming got it right to design a game which shows off beauty as well as an interesting gameplay. There is always one more way of keeping the game interesting and therefore Fishing World could be on your favorites list for a long time. The goal of becoming the ultimate under water hunter will keep you trying again and again. These features are matched with enough different options so you can adjust the game to make it interesting in a different way during your next play.