Highway Kings review

70% of casinos’ income in America comes from slots. This tells you that slots are highly enjoyable and most definitely an activity you should try out. What makes slots so gripping is when creativity is applied to it. No slots game is exactly the same as another. You’ll find a unique feature in each slots game and in this Highway Kings review you’ll discover all the reasons to make this game part of your online gaming ritual.

Who made this game?

One aspect you can use to determine whether a game will supply you with lots of fun hours, is the designer. Gaming software developers who have been around for a while know exactly what players want. The best developers also use quality graphics so your gaming feels real and stays as entertaining as when you’re in land based casinos.

Highway Kings was developed by Playtech. This company has been developing online casino games for many years. Their games are known for their quality and they’re played on many online casino sites. Any Highway Kings review will therefore note the quality of the game as well as its entertainment value, as these are given characteristics at Playtech.

The object of the game

Highway Kings is a slots game with a truck theme. You’re given a five reel slot and three rows. You have a total of nine pay lines. You can bet on matching symbols on all the pay lines, or you can increase your winnings by picking one pay line each time you play. If you pick the correct pay line you may win much more than trusting all the lines at once.

There aren’t any bonuses to chase and the play is pretty straight forward. At first glance you may think it’s quite mediocre when compared to other slots games that have additional features, but try it out before you draw a conclusion. It may be the ideal game to rev up your online gaming experience.

You can bet a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $5 per pay line. This gives players quite a range to pick from. This may not matter when simply playing for fun, but when real money is involved, you’ll be thankful the bets can start low if you’re having an off day, limiting the amounts you lose. On a luckier day however, the following features will have you excited about the next possible win.

Special features

What makes this game so unique is the effort the designers put into the theme. If you love cars and trucks, you’ll love these special effects:

  • The sound the game makes when you’re spinning isn’t the regular casino chimes. You’ll hear the low rumble of a truck and this is enough to get some guys’ adrenaline rushing through their veins.
  • The symbols used on the reels are all truck themed. You’ll see trucks and truck parts. Each image offers you unique benefits. Look out for the following ones, because they will increase your winnings the most:
    • Different colored trucks: You have favorite vehicles you look out for on the road while driving. Similarly you’ll look out for the trucks on Highway Kings, because each color has a different value and they’re worth much more than other symbols on the reels.
    • The Red Truck: It will only appear on reel two, three or four. It can double your winnings and can substitute all other images.
    • Exhaust pipe: This is known as this game’s Scatter symbol. If you can get more than two of this symbol you win according to the scatter pay table. What’s exciting about this feature is that you don’t even have to win in a pay line to draw benefits from the Scatter symbol.

Apart from keeping to the theme, Playtech also keeps to what players love. Discovering an extra feature inside a game is the ideal way of enhancing your gaming experience. With Highway Kings you’re presented with a Dollar Bill bonus game:

  • Enable the game if you want to make it part of your Highway Kings experience
  • An additional platform will open where you need to pick five numbers from the 49 the game presents you with
  • Now go back to playing the slots game
  • The Dollar Bill bonus platform places a bet each time you play the slots
  • If any numbers match up, you win and there’s a progressive jackpot to chase as well

Related games

A smart way to gauge whether you will enjoy a certain game is to look at games it relates to. If you’ve played and enjoyed any of the following casino games, Highway Kings may be what you’re looking for:

  • The Mummy Slots
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All these games offer you slots games with an exciting theme and unique, theme based bonuses.

Mobile Options

Slots were born in land based casinos, moved to online casinos and now you can enjoy them on your mobile device. This is no different with Highway Kings, as you’re able to enjoy its features on Android as well as Apple devices.

Spin offs

The popularity of the truck theme resulted in a newer version of Highway Kings. Highway Kings Pro is similar to its predecessor, but has enhanced features, more bonus options and also a much elevated mechanical feel.

This proves that Playtech was on the right track when Highway Kings was developed. However, if you compare the two, the second version wins by far. If both these games are available on your preferred online casino site, you can head over to Highway Kings Pro for the best experience, unless you’re looking for straightforward slots without unnecessary extras.

Highway Kings is a straightforward slots game and players who enjoy more bonus features may prefer more intricate games. However, the attention to detail in terms of the truck theme is enough to capture die-hard vehicle fanatics.