About Leocity88

Leocity88 stands out as Asian top pioneering online slot and casino games. According to the company, this is by far the most promising online betting brand in Asia. It stretches its services not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam and among others. There is a high number of people talking about this online casino game on Facebook compared to the other social media platforms.

Leocity88 at a glance:

  • Unlimited access to slot and casino games
  • User-friendly and convenient platform
  • Desktop and mobile compatibility
  • Simple tip start and play
  • Promotions and security
  • Leocity88 ratings

Unlimited Access to Slot and Casino Games

Leocity88 is distinctive with its logo that has a lion head (gold) at the left top side of the inscriptions (maroon). It is an online slot game from one of the largest online casino software supplier in Malaysia and Asia, Playtech online gambling. Leocity88 has a website, www.leocity88.com. In the home page of Leocity88 website, we find as simple layout with title buttons written “new games”, “live dealer games”, “slot games”, “jackpot games”, “other games” and “all games.” In the same page, you will come across a scroll bar that provides financial statistics on the games that are on play.

Clicking on the “NEW GAMES” section, it lists down 55 games that seem interesting to try. In their LIVE DEALER GAMES section, they have highlighted 20 games. The total number of slot games they offer comes to about 156, favourite among their loyal players. If you choose to explore their jackpot games, you will find a list of 37 games waiting for you.

In total, they have 193 games, a combination of jackpot and slot games in their platform. There are other services which you might find interesting: they have 18 online casino games in their Other games section. The most popular games in the Leocity88 site are 14 in number; they can be played to increase the winning chances of any player. These high traffic games are Fortunate 5, Adventures in Wonderland Deluxe, Golden Tour, Roulette Live, Mini Baccarat Live, Blackjack Live, Streak of Luck, Captain's Treasure, Five Tiger Generals, Progressive Baccarat Live, Great Blue, Age of the Gods, Amazon Wild and Fountain of Youth.

User-Friendly and Convenient Platform

This large number of games shows how much effort the developers have provided to make the platform more involving and entertaining. Indeed, it offers free unlimited fun and rewarding time for members, so with this kind of online offer you are sure of finding a game that suits you best. The live games are available on a 24 hours’ basis giving you first-class casino experience at the comfort of your house.

Desktop and Mobile Compatibility

Before the advancement of technology, casino players were using and still using desktops to play the casino games offered in Leocity88. However, with the introduction of technology, Playtech online gambling upgraded their brands to support mobile platforms, allowing them to reach out to even more casino players who had no access to desktops.

Simple Tip Start and Play

To enjoy the best online casino experience, you have to download and install the Leocity88 app in your Android electronic gadget; also, available in Windows phone. You need to have a player ID to participate in the games, so you have to come up with a player name and password. Apart from an ID, the restricted age for participating in any of the gambling, sports betting or betting is 21 years of age.

Promotions and Security


In every game, there has to be rewards and credits motivation and attract more players. Leocity88 attracts its players by rewarding its casino players with big jackpot from time to time. Loyal players will tell you that every bet comes with an extra benefit. This is the reason why there are over 5000 people playing their casino and slot games. If you are lucky, you might get their FREE NEW YEAR NO DEPOSIT BONUS; the free credits which can be easily claimed.

New members get a Welcome Bonus 15%, and for every top-up, you are likely to receive 9% bonus. The Leocity88 online casino players have nothing to worry about, even the turnover requirement which is at x1, a very low figure. In the Leocity88 platform, top ups and withdrawals can be made through the following channels, VISA, PayPal, VISA Electron and Discovery Network. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed because they have over 300 personnel in their 24/7 Customer Service to help answer various questions and solve problems that may arise while playing.

Secure and stable

Leocity88 is irreplaceable because of the generous rewards that they offer for their players. They also have the best online security, this means the casino players get to worry less when enjoying their casino gaming sessions. Part of this security is keeping the player’s information and transaction confidential. The website is not listed as suspicious, hence one can safely browse: it uses a HTTP Secure with a verified SSL Certificate. This amazing, special and stable gaming system is hosted in Philippines.

Leocity88 ratings

In other independent reviews, the online gaming brand has been given an EDITOR RATING of 9.8 out of 10 and a USER RATING of 9.7 out of 10. These ratings are but averages of scores determined by how the software performs in terms of design, support, ease of withdrawal, a variety of games and attractive bonus. Most players say that the interface is nicely designed, smooth and easy to control. This superb score makes it a great Jackpot slot and live dealer casino

What’s our verdict on Leocity88?

If you are looking for an online gaming site that focuses on integrity and security, then Leocity88 should top your list. Leocity88 online casino has gained success since its launched to the extent of receiving numerous awards for being a reliable provider. Most casino players find their games attractive and exciting.

We recommend that you first check the regulation and policies of this site before creating an account. Since there are few tips on how to gather more winnings, it is wise to place your bet on games that are played by most players. Take advantage of the bonuses and rewards that are provided, probably you will end up as a lucky winner before the day ends.