Monkey Thunderbolt review

Monkey Thunderbolt is the ideal slots game to make part of an Asian online casino’s portfolio. This is firstly because of the enjoyment it brings, but secondly due to its value for the Asian market. Your bet on which monkey will reach the top of the world first can afford you many hours or pleasure and winnings. Let’s walk you through a few of its most outstanding features.

3 Reasons why players love Monkey Thunderbolt

One way of proving a game’s value is to look at it from a scientific point of view. There are proven reasons why players love slots games. As a slots game Monkey Thunderbolt succeeds in meeting many of these requirements players have. Here are a few you may find is also applicable to you.


Players enjoy slots and electronic gaming because it gives them a chance to move away from the bustle of daily routines. An hour or two of slots games can give you a time to unwind before you carry one with other responsibilities.

Monkey Thunderbolt is ideal to play in these times of escape because the game can carry on indefinitely until you’re ready to exit. There are enough bonus features to keep the game interesting for a long time. No one needs to assist in playing the game—unlike card games—so you’re guaranteed some time alone.


Casino players want a nonstop succession of entertainment and chances to win. This allows them to only focus on the game in front of them while other issues and concerns can be forgotten for a while.

Monkey Thunderbolt offers exactly this. You can place your bets the moment the previous game’s winnings are calculated and then the monkeys are off again directly. You can wait in expectation for possible challenges that may arise to get your favorite monkey off course such as lightning or birds. Each game is different so you’re kept engaged. After only two minutes you’ll see the results and can start the process again.


As mentioned each game only takes two minutes. This is long enough to build expectation and short enough to keep your attention. The calculations are done quickly and then the next game is started. This fast paced process is ideal to create excitement away from the day’s routine.

Monkey Thunderbolt’s best features

The creators of Monkey Thunderbolt may have kept the characteristics mentioned above in mind, but they added many more features to the game. These enhance your gaming experience, turning Monkey Thunderbolt into a favorite of many online players. You’ll love these features when you start playing the game.


Monkey Thunderbolt is based upon a Chinese legend. In the legend, monkeys compete to become the Thunderbolt King by being the first to climb to the top of the world. According to legend this race took place once every 100 years, so it was quite an accomplishment and an honor every monkey dreamed of.

The designers of Monkey Thunderbolt took this legend and turned it into the ideal game where six monkeys race to get to the top of the screen via ropes. The game combines gaming pleasure with historical value. This may have personal significance for many players in Malaysia and other Asian countries. Online gaming becomes more special when software developers succeed in adding some heart to an enjoyable game.

Game play

The game play is well thought out. Every game starts the same way, but players never know what may come across the monkeys’ paths. Birds or lightning and many other challenges may stop their movement & cause another monkey to win the game. This means the game is unpredictable and stays interesting even when playing for long periods.

Players who have played this game for a long time know that perseverance is the key to winning. You need to keep on placing bets for many consecutive games in order to pave the way towards bigger rewards. This is truly a game to keep you entertained for hours.

There are quite a few bonuses you’ll find while enjoying the game. These bonuses are achieved in the way you place your bets about which monkey will win or lose. This means you can acquire skill in how to attain these bonuses. Once again, this aspect keeps the game interesting for long periods.


Monkey Thunderbolt isn’t simply about watching monkeys race up a rope. You need to have a strategy so you can win in the best possible way. You can bet on who will win or lose and keep your path to the bonuses in mind as well. This means the game asks for some brain power if you want to become an expert.

You’ll be happy to know that Monkey Thunderbolt is available for play on mobile devices as well. You can enjoy it at home or download the game to your Smartphone and take it on the road with you.

Entertainment to the senses

The designers of the game know the importance of entertaining all the senses. Players appreciate the stunning graphics used. You find beautiful backgrounds and the monkeys themselves are quite entertaining. In the background music is played which adds to the atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Monkey Thunderbolt's drawbacks

Your personal preference will determine if Monkey Thunderbolt is the game for you. Some slots games have an even faster pace, so you’ll have to see if the two minute game rhythm is acceptable to you. There are slots games with even more diversity and bonus options than this game.

Some players may also prefer the classic slots which create a sense of expectation while you wait for the symbols on the reels to get into focus. Watching a race may not evoke the same pleasure. Try it once and you’ll soon see whether it fits your requirements.

Monkey Thunderbolt has been around for quite a while, first as a legend and now as a game. Become part of this epic online gaming sensation so the monkeys who conquer the world can bring you some well-deserved winnings.