Overview of Baccarat -Strategy and Tips

Baccarat is an interesting concept, even when looking at the name itself. For those of you who are unsure, you pronounce it “Ba-ca-rah”. Now that you’re familiar with the name, let’s get acquainted with the rest of this famous casino game so you can plan your Baccarat strategy for future games.

History of the game

Baccarat originated in Italy and has been around for more than five centuries. The fact that it’s one of the leading games in today’s casinos proves how much fun you can have with this card game. The game is made more famous by the movies since it’s James Bond’s favorite card game. In the original books the game is frequently part of the story lines.

Tools of the game

If you’re a Bond novel reader you would have read about him seated at a card table. During Baccarat you are seated across from a card dealer, known as the banker. The banker presides over the cards.

Depending on the casino’s rules, the cards will consist of one, six or eight decks shuffled together. If you’re planning on improving your Baccarat strategy and you have the option to decide how many decks should be used, go for the lowest number possible. This tends to improve your gaming experience.

Object of the game

Many versions of Baccarat emerged over time. This includes:

  • Baccarat Chemin de fir
  • Baccarat banque
The most popular version and the one played in most casinos is called ‘Punto Banco’ which refers to the player & the banker. In large casinos there may be two or three dealers to handle the cards as well as calculate winnings.

In the ‘Punto Banco’ games the banker and the player is dealt two cards. Each card has a specific value:

  • Cards from two to nine are worth their face value
  • 10's, Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth zero
  • Aces are worth one point
The value of the cards are counted together. If the total forms a two digit number, only the digit on the right is taken note of. The individual whose cards’ value is closest to nine is the winner. Depending on how low the player’s score is, a third card can be drawn. The player’s new total determines whether a third card is dealt to the banker.

The reason why Baccarat is so popular in casinos is because the outcome of your bets aren’t dependant on your own cards’ value. You don’t have to win to win. You can bet on who will win the game or even bet whether there will be a tie. This makes each hand a little more exciting. It’s a fast game, with games swiftly played one after another.

The challenge

Baccarat is mostly a game of chance. Whether you win or lose is up to luck. You can keep score and try formulating a pattern of which of the two parties will win. According to this assumption you can then place your upcoming bets. However, this is not a proven strategy and the fun of the game is wrapped up in how unpredictable it is. You can enjoy this game even when you simply want to relax, because you don’t have to concentrate on tactics or skills.

Baccarat Online

When Baccarat is played in casinos the tables are invariably placed in private rooms. This is because of the large amounts of money involved. The game is frequented by high rollers and additional security is needed for the large bets these players put down.

When you’re part of an online Baccarat game you can also enjoy the game in a separate room with no one viewing your game. This adds to the exclusiveness of the game, even if you’re in your own home.

Because of the high stakes of Baccarat, casinos manage the tables very well to protect their assets. The casino itself can lose or win a lot of money. For this reason only excellent players who play a lot of real money online are invited to high roller games.

Baccarat Strategy

In a game of luck you can’t plan ahead to reach a certain goal. You never know what the next turn will bring, so betting all your money on one hand is very risky. What you can do is to follow a few guidelines that give you the best chance of winning in the long run. Keep these in mind to improve you Baccarat strategy:

  • The rule of chance states that one party has as much opportunity to win the game as the other. For this reason it’s wise to bet on a certain party for the duration of a few hands. This means that at some stage your prediction should come true.
  • Experts differ in their advice, but most seasoned players’ Baccarat strategy guidelines state that betting on the banker is the best way to go. Experience shows that he wins more often than not.

A few tips

Even in a game of luck there are certain guidelines you can follow to ensure you keep on enjoying it. Keep these tips in mind so your future Baccarat games are even better than your last:

  • All the experts advise on playing for short periods at a time. You may become frustrated when you’re sitting for hours without acquiring a large win. This is inevitable since statistics show that the house will always have a slight edge. Taking a walk and reminding yourself that it’s only a game is vital to keep enjoying your leisure time.
  • Put down some boundaries. Part of your Baccarat strategy should be to pick a maximum amount of games and a maximum amount you’re willing to lose on the games. If you’ve reached these limits, stop. You’ll thank yourself in hindsight.

Baccarat is an extremely relaxing game, but it’s fast paced and when real money in large amounts are involved, it can become quite tense. Tweak your Baccarat strategy so you can get the most out of this famous game, while sipping your martini like Bond.